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Updated: 6/18/12

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Now taking reservations for 2012!

Contact us to place your FREE reservation.  Please include your email address, breeding(s) you are interested in, and if you desire a doe, buck, or wether.  There is no money needed to reserve kids but you do have to be serious about the eventual purchase and let us know should your circumstances change.  We will only have three does kidding in 2011, so reservation slots will fill very fast.  After reservations are filled, we will take names for a waiting list should any buyers back out.

When your desired kid is born, a deposit is required within 4 days of notification.

The prices listed below give a general idea; they are subject to change on non-reserved kids.  Prices listed for reserved kids are locked in.

Please note that we do not sell buck kids out of first-freshening does.

DamSire SelectedDue Date Date Freshened/Comments/Details Does: Bucks:

Camanna TI Claribelle

CRF Castle Rock Woodstock


Kidded 5/31/2012 - Triplets; two bucks, one doe
buck kid reserved (AN)
doe kid reserved (SB?)


Capriola BSS Blue Amarantine aka:Comfort


CRF Castle Rock Woodstock


Kidded 6/9/2012 w/ blue-eyed buck
FOR SALE - Gorgeous red w/ white buck and bright blue eyes.  Comfort's udder is beautiful so this boy is available intact.
This beautiful reddish-gold doeling is a daughter of Rosasharn SS Magnolia.

photo coming soon

Capriola WS Bethel

Our lovely Woody daughter out of Rosasharn SS Naughty Lilly.  This girl boasts great conformation so far and we cannot wait to see an udder!
We are retiring from breeding goats so Bethel is FOR SALE to a great home 
 $375 N/A

Waiting List for Wethers:

Estimated Prices for 2012 kids:

Wethers (neutered males) $125 each or a pair for $210

Doelings $300-550 dependant on conformation, genetics, dam's mammary, and other characteristics

Bucklings $250-425  Only the absolute best bucklings are offered as herd sires - most are wethered

Because of the country's current economic conditions, we will strive to keep our prices as low as possible.  We did spend a great deal of money purchasing high quality animals and we also put a lot of time and money into raising healthy goats; this must be reflected in their pricing.

If you are in the market for a buckling, please keep in mind that we do not sell buck kids out of first-freshening does.  We like to give a doe at least two freshenings before deciding if buck kids out of her are of herd sire potential.  An udder can change a lot with another freshening, sometimes these are good changes, sometimes they may not be.  Bucklings born to first-freshening does are wethered and adopted as pets.  When looking around for a new herd sire, we encourage everyone to buy the BEST you can possibly afford.  A buck is, at the very least, half of your herd (however large or small that herd is).  An excellent quality buck will pay for himself over and over again.

We would never sell a buckling intact that we would not be proud to use.  If you are interested in purchasing a buckling out of any of our does, please let me know and feel free to ask questions.

Contact us:  or (503) 320-2215