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 Critters in Town

The Marquez family has a very large yard in North Portland where they keep a few pet goats, chickens, three small dogs, and one cat.

A view of our front garden, Summer 2008 and our front yard, Winter 2008 - we got a lot more snow than usual!!

Above: My little sister, Aleigha helping our goats at home snack on yummy leaves.  Below: Claribelle and her triplet bucks born in March 2009.


Our dog, Red Pepper.  He is an Australian Cattle dog; also known as a Red Heeler.  He is a very sweet boy.  We do not trust him around the goaties by himself but when we're around (and if the goats allow it) he comes in their yard to visit.

Left: Reddy Fred and his friend Breezy - Right: Red, playing in the snow, December 2008

In August 2008, my mom surprised my little sister, Lydia with a new puppy, named Milo.  He is a Chihuahua and is a very sweet boy.

We never thought the day would come when we'd have three dogs. . . but we got another Chihuahua!!  Meet Stitch!!  My dad named Stitch and it's a bit of a "play on words" based from the movie, "Lilo and Stitch" - our two Chihuahuas are "Milo and Stitch!!"  And they are quite the pair!!  Isn't he too cute?!

Below are a few random photos taken of "Stitchers".


Pygmy Goats

We raised Pygmies for a couple years before Nigerian Dwarf goats.  The main reason for switching over was ease of kidding and more milk-ability.  Rosie and Daisy are our first and last two Pygmies.  They are both retired now and will always have a special place on our little "farm".

Aquila Ranch Rosie My Luv

Rosie is just as her registered name implies, "My Luv."  Rosie was our very first pygmy goat, a bottle-baby.  She is a really good girl but loves to butt people on their hands.  It never hurts because she is only knee-high.  Rosie loves her withers to be scratched and goes crazy when you get the right spot!  Whenever we have visitors, she will steal things (keys, etc. . .) from your pockets and run off with them!  :)  She is my baby (no matter how bratty she is at times) and will always have a special place with our family.

I wasn't too sure about breeding Rosie again (she had a terrible kidding in 2007 with a big, single buck) but we decided to take her to visit Revelation.  Well, the two of them "fell in love" instantly!  It was so, so cute!  They shared dinner, Rose would eat some grain then back away and Rev would eat some, it was very sweet!  Rosie kidded 3/23/09 with triplets!!  An easy, unassisted delivery!!  Sadly, one doe was stillborn but the other two are doing marvelously.  :)  Beautiful babies.  The buck (to be wethered) is black agouti and the doe is brown-tipped caramel.

DOB: 3/5/2005 ~ Color: Brown Agouti ~ Registration: 57197F

Aquila Ranch Daisy Mae

Daisy was the second goat we ever purchased.  A bottle-baby at two weeks of age.  She is my brother's pet.  We put Daisy in her first show on October 8, 2006 at CPGA Oktoberfest, she placed fourth in a class of 12 really nice does, under Marcia Read, and she was a stinker in that show ring!!  We are very proud of her, despite her naughty attitude! 

Daisy proved to be an incredibly easy kidder the first time she was bred.  She kidded very quickly & unassisted in December 2006 at 21 months of age.  Daisy has kidded two more times since then and all have been easy and unassisted!  We just love our Daisy-Girl!  She is a wonderful pet, awesome kidder, and makes the most delicious, sweet milk!!

Color: Grey Agouti ~ DOB: 3/12/2005 ~ Registration: 57196F ~ AVID: 102*271*541